Regional coverage of EU

Short description:
EU is struggling with democratic deficit – does regional newspapers add to this deficit by e.g. framing the union in a negative way?
This dataset contains an overview of 175 articles on EU brought in four Danish regional newspapers from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. The aim with the data is to study whether and how the newspapers cover EU with local angles. The data represents both manifest as well as latent content.

Type of data: Student data.

Simon Brix Justesen

The dataset was created in Copenhagen in early summer of 2016. It was used to complete a content analysis for a thesis on regional journalism. It will soon be published on, where you will find a coding manual (in Danish) to fully understand the data.

Link to publication: TBA

Language: Danish.

Format: .xlsx

Link to data: Coding scheme of Danish regional newspapers’ coverage of the EU