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Regional coverage of EU

Short description:
EU is struggling with democratic deficit – does regional newspapers add to this deficit by e.g. framing the union in a negative way?
This dataset contains an overview of 175 articles on EU brought in four Danish regional newspapers from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. The aim with the data is to study whether and how the newspapers cover EU with local angles. The data represents both manifest as well as latent content.

Type of data: Student data.

Simon Brix Justesen

The dataset was created in Copenhagen in early summer of 2016. It was used to complete a content analysis for a thesis on regional journalism. It will soon be published on, where you will find a coding manual (in Danish) to fully understand the data.

Link to publication: TBA

Language: Danish.

Format: .xlsx

Link to data: Coding scheme of Danish regional newspapers’ coverage of the EU

Journalism student and ethics

Data is gathered each semester (starting spring 2012) on journalism students and their ethical choices/difficulties in working with online journalism. Data is publicly available but qualitative findings is password protected. Collection of data is ongoing.

Authors: Maria Bendix Olsen, Jannie Møller Hartley, Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst

Background: Paper forthcoming

Language: English

Format: HTML (SPSS-generated reports)

Qualitative findings (password protected)

Quantitative findings:


Media Research Øresund

Data created from 10 years (2002-2012) of Øresund-reporting from 5 Danish and 4 Swedish newspapers. Content analysis of 1376 newspaper articles.

Johan Wessmann, Mark Blach-Ørsten og Jesper Falkheimer præsenterer slutrapporten for projektet
Johan Wessmann, Mark Blach-Ørsten og Jesper Falkheimer præsenterer slutrapporten for projektet

Authors: Mark Blach-Ørsten, Jesper Falkheimer, Veselinka Møllerstrøm & Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst

Background: Paper sent for ICA-conference 2015. Updated if approved medio 2015. More information on project at News Øresund website. Also two reports have been published. They can be downloaded from here (2013/Lang. DA/SV) and here (2012/Lang. DA/SV).

Language: English

Format: HTML (SPSS-generated reports)



Agency and civic involvement in news production via Facebook commentary

Data originally presented at ECREA 2014. 3800 coded Facebook-comments from 149 Facebook-posts of 7 Danish online newspapers.

Authors: Jannie Møller Hartley and Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst

Background: Paper presented at ECREA (Portugal 2014). Intended for international publication and Newsweek-book (both due 2015) from Center for Power, Media and Communications from RU.

Language: Danish

Format: HTML (SPSS-generated reports)

Please send an e-mail to makaeb(a) for English translation of files and/or hints to understanding data.

PPT from ECREA – Civiv agency (Presentation from Ecrea, Lisbon 2014)